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In 2006 , the fixed population of the city of Balneario Camboriu was 100 thousand people , having arround 150 thousand people in the low season and 1,5 millions enter the city in the months of december, january and february. Today Balneário Camboriú is considered as the major touristic pole of southern Brazil, receiving tourists from all brazilian regions and from abroad.

According to the research made by the UN in 1998, Balneario Camboriu is between the first 50 brazilian cities which have the highest Human Development Index (HDI) of 0.867 (HIGH). BC has a major infra structure of hotels and a complete educational system.

BC is also distinguished by its great commerce centers, services, diversed gastronomy, charming nighlife, and gorgeous natural attractions (Island of Cabras, beaches of Laranjeiras , Taquaras, Taquarinhas, Pinho, Estaleiro, Estaleirinho) and frequently visited touristic locations like Parque Unipraias and Teleférico, Cristo Luz , Museums, Cultural Centre and others.

There are 100 hotels (18 thousand beds), 350 real estate proffessionals (15 thousand real estate unit for rent in the high season), 1035 Buildings. In the same touristic route are found the principal touristic destinations and some economic poles of the state of Santa Catarina(Beto Carrero World, Itajaí, Brusque, Blumenau, Pomerode, Joinville, São Francisco do Sul, Itapema, Porto Belo, Bombas, Bombinhas and Florianópolis). Constructions is the branch of economy that more grew in the last decade, one of the highest national indexes , also offering a better quality of life in Balneario Camboriu.

Today, Balneário Camboriú is a magnificient city and with this first period of the new millenium , it is expecting a shiny future with great accomplishments. Reveal your pleasure in living, coming to Balneário Camboriú. Welcome!

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